Practicle Advice

Open Mind

Keep an open mind to new ideas and styles.  Many clients tend to embrace a style that they are familiar with.  Style  in furnishings change as frequently as fashion.  Be open to fresh ideas.

Dont Follow

A home needs personality....following the home catalog style of Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware ends up looking very cookie cutter.  Remember following design trends only stays trendy for a few years.  

Let Go

Everyone travels with unnecessary baggage (family hand me downs).  Guilt prompts most people to reuse these hand me downs.  Furniture is not the best way to honor the family.  Let go of the things you don't need or want. 

Less is More

With Less, adding More is always an option.   A clean slate is always the best way to start.

One Piece at a Time

Its always better to work on a  whole house or at least several rooms.  But sometimes the best looks can evolve organically one fabulous piece at a time.

Curating fabulous finds is an art or at least a great hobby.

Seek Professional Advice

Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes.  Sometimes you're too busy.   Sometimes you're  overwhelmed about what direction to go in.  Consider your designer as a therapist for your home.