Design Process

Design Plan, Interior Design Plan, Room Planning

At Enid Dachs Designs, we offer professional, experienced advice. Our collaborative design process insures that the final result is right for you.   We help you avoid costly mistakes through planning, measuring and product research.  We listen to you and your needs.  We then then share our experience and knowledge of decorating & designs ideas. Our interior home design services works comfortably with a range of styles from historical through to modern interior design.  


The process used to design a room is straightforward.  We try to make the process simple and stress free.

Our experience and insight help make this a rewarding collaboration .   

 The Consultation

is the most critical part of the project.

You talk and we listen to you needs and your vision for your home.  The collaboration continues throughout the project.

The Plan

is the core of the project.  A great plan yields  a room that has no surprises and beautiful results.  Sometimes all you need is a good plan to get you started.  You may already know what you want but have no idea where to put it.  The first step is to  take accurate measurements and turn it into a floor detailed floor plan .

Shop and Curate

Once you approve the plan and design boards get a chance to see how it will look.  We start to curate the unique pieces of furniture that will make the plan real. 


This phase of the design process is where items are ordered and then professionally installed.